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AirSensor CO2 Shield

Arduino/ arrow AirSensor CO2 Shield

AirSensor CO2 Shield


NEW V2 CO2 Shield now in stock.... more info coming soon.

Indoor Air Quality sensor shield for the Arduino family.

The AirSensor CO2 shield has been developed over the last few years to provide a good quality sensor shield compatible with the SeeedStudio Stalker datalogging Arduino, the SolderCore web connected MCU and of course vanilla Arduino too (other boards possibly supported too).  The four values of CO2, Temperature, Relative Humidity and Dew Point are provided by the sensors below.  Build yourself a low cost Indoor Air Quality data logger, upload the data to a web service like, display the values on an LCD or do all of the above and perhaps more.

  • NDIR calibrated CO2 sensor - Accuracy: ±30ppm ±5% • Range: 0-5000ppm • Sampling interval: 3 seconds.
  • The NEW CO2 sensor now has 3 calibration modes - Manual, Automatic & Factory which can be set via jumpers by the user.
  • SHT11 Temp/RH sensor - Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5°C • Temperature Range: -40°C to 120°C • RH Accuracy: ±3% • RH Range: 0 to 100%

This shield operates at 3.3V with the CO2 sensor running at 5V, this can be supplied by the Arduino 5V pin by soldering 2 jumpers under the sensor or by using the external 5V input at the corner of the shield if the Arduino is unable to supply enough power.  The CO2 Sensor requires 20mA with a peak of 320mA for 10mS when the reading is taken every 3 seconds.

The SHT11 can either be on a lift out mini shield to keep any thermal conduction from the host PCB to a minimum (increasing accuracy) or PCB mounted, this also means that you can mount this sensor remotely if so desired - up to 2m away using 4 core cable.  The SHT11 uses Arduino pins Analog 2 & 3.

The shield has an onboard I2C level shifter giving 2 ports to allow the connection of 5V I2C sensors and 2 more for 3V3 sensors - the pin spacing is 0.1" (2.54mm).  The I2C bus uses Arduino pins Analog 4 & 5.

Two LEDs are provided and can be user programmed via Arduino digital pins 5 & 8.

All Arduino pins are made available on the shield edge.

The board comes fully assembled and ready to use - the 2 LEDs are supplied loose.

Sample code for testing can be downloaded here: AirSensor CO2 Test Code (1,71 KB)


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AirSensor CO2 Test Code (1,71 KB)

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