About AirSensor

We are a small design company based in Devon, UK - AirSensor is a side operation to our core design business.

AirSensor is growing out of development work to monitor our own architectural projects.  Sourcing good quality, affordable technology is allowing us to monitor and evaluate more of our projects in the interests of improving energy efficiency, construction quality and occupant comfort.  We are now sharing this resource via www.airsensor.co.uk.

As we evolve more energy efficient architecture we also need to monitor comfort and indoor air quality (IAQ).  AirSensor products are chosen to achieve two aims - to measure the physical environment within buildings over time and to control equipment that corrects conditions which have strayed from the ideal.  Collecting performance data on our built environment allows us to evaluate design decisions and build on successes in future projects.  The possibilities are both broad and exciting.

In the short term we are making available the technology we have sourced for our own work.  In medium term we hope to showcase projects that have used AirSensor products and share some of the thoughts and conclusions that have resulted from this additional layer of information/control.  At present we have a heat recovery project underway which we hope to share in the following months via an open-source model.